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2016 - Sausagefest 18 Recap

After one year off, Sausagefest came back to life. Even with a one year hiatus the
sausagefest participants went back to the established practices they learned over the
past 17 years:

  • Bring great wine
  • Bring lots of great beer
  • Bring lots of good sausage
  • Wish for nice weather
While three of the variables are in human hands, the weather answered prayers,
a cool early fall day gave way to a beautiful evening. Eighteen years of great weather,
so you know it is an ordained event from on high.

By unofficial count the fest had 65 to 70 people, 35 bottles of wine consumed, 30
sausages grilled and more than 100 beers consumed. (We actually received more than 30
sausages but when the grill crew took a break at 6:30 with 30 sausages already served the
cooking petered out.)

The first sausage was on the grill by tradition at 4:30. By some past standards, the
attendance was a bit down but the wine and beer flow was still fully turned on.

The notable achievements for Sausagefest 18 were as follows:

Richard Tuttle won another championship award for his Jamaican Jerk Chicken sausage.
Richard had been in a prolonged slump in the last several years and it was good to see
his creativity return despite his advanced age. Several people wanted to know where they
could buy the sausage. While another veteran sausage goer had this insight,
Richard re-discovered proportionality of seasoning makes a difference.
Best Homemade Sausage for 2016: Richard Tuttle

Chuck & Nancy Rizzo get the award for Culinary Creativity. This award is not an annual award
but is awarded to the chef who goes above and beyond to bring a food item to Sausagefest
that has great quality but that is not necessarily an encased meat.

When Chuck and Nancy get into the cooking mode there is no messing around. They have
won multiple SausageFest Championships for their homemade sausages. (There Chili Sausage being a recent winner.) This year they went to a French classic dish: homemade rillettes. The pate melted in your mouth and went with both red and white wine.
Culinary Creativity Award for 2016: Chuck and Nancy Rizzo

Steve Zimmerman, a first time Sausagefest attendee, discovered a Wisconsin butcher
that makes Bison sausage with a great name: Black and Bleu Bison Brat. What a huge hit.
The flavor was huge, seasonings perfect, but there just wasnt enough for the demand. If you
want to try some of these wonderful sausages, head to Salem, Wisconsin and find Lesters Bison Farm ( Salem is about midway between Lake Geneva and Kenosha on route 50.
Best Store Bought Sausage Award for 2016: Steve Zimmerman

Sausagefest 18 was a big hit because of all the team work we get from family and friends.
Many thanks to: Kathy, Kristen, Alan, Richie, Mark, Ty, Mike, Steve, and Kellen Kleiva who
was inserted into Sausage Grill Scheduler and did a masterful job.

If you want to see a small sample of sausages that you missed, the list below has some very
good sausages. We hope you can get to these sausage artist stores and support their work.

SausageSausage Vendor
New Mexico SausageHeybeck's Meats, Palatine IL
Garlic SausageDietrich's Meats, Hamburg PA
German SausageDietrich's Meats, Hamburg PA
BratsDietrich's Meats, Hamburg PA
Black and Bleu Bison BratLester's Bison Farm
Hot Chicago ItalianElburn Market "Reams"
Basil Gorgonzola ( Pork)Heybeck's
Chicken Hot wing BratLake Geneva Country
Polish Style Beef DogsRomanian Kosher Sausage
CevapciciLalich Deli, Niles IL
Jalepeno/Cheese BisonLester's Bison Farm, Salem, Wis.
Portablella Mush/SwissLake Geneva Country Meats
Roasted Tomato and AsiagoHeinen's
Chicken SausageElburn Market "Reams"
Knockwurst Beef Hot DogsRomanian Kosher Meats
AndouilleElburn Market "Reams"
Chicken Santa FeButcher on the Block
Bison BratGenes
Hungarian BratGenes
Philly Cheesesteak BratButcher on the block
New MexicoHeybeck's
CalabreseTony's Butcher
Bulgarian KebapchetaLincoln Quality
AndouilleTony's Butcher (gray slake)
CevapciciLincoln Quality
Roasted Tomato Garlic BasilJohnny Gs'
Cherry BratLake Geneva country meats
ItalianTony's Butcher
Atomic SausageJohnny Gs'
Chicken spinach fetaElegance in Meat
Smoked Cheddar BratZier's prime meat
Veal BratElegance in Meat

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